Jimmy Page Stuns Crowd With Surprise Appearance at Donovan Show

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Backstage at London's Royal Albert Hall last night, as the psychedelic folk-rock legend Donovan prepared to go on stage, a woman wheeled a harp hurriedly through a corridor, a Buddhist monk in flowing robes pressed fake pearls into the hands of passing strangers and a security radio crackled to life. "When Jimmy goes on," said a concerned-sounding male voice to nobody in particular, "it's going to be very, very loud, okay?"

At that moment Jimmy Page - in a black short-sleeved shirt and black jeans, his shoulder-length gray hair tied in a very small ponytail - sauntered past, head down. Page, and his black Gibson Les Paul Custom, had been called into service to help Donovan, his arranger John Cameron and the London Contemporary Orchestra recreate his classic 1965 album Sunshine Superman virtually note-for-note for the thousands who had crammed into the venue.

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