Extravaganza Music

The Extravaganza Publishing Company was created in 1990 to publish songs produced by Dwa records and written by Robyx.

It is an indipendent company and most of its catalogue is made up of its own copyrights.

The company is currently managed by Roberto 'Robyx' Zanetti and the most important songs of its catalogue are songs by artists like Corona, Ice Mc, Double You, Alexia and Savage.

Last but not least some songs by Zucchero 'Sugar' Fornaciari, including the hit single "Baila Morena".

Main titles are "The rhythm of the night", "Baila Morena", "Think about the way", "It's a rainy day", "Uh la la la", "Happy", "Goodbye".

Latest hit is "She makes me go" by Arash and Sean Paul.