Paul Herman

Paul Herman is an award winning English songwriter & record producer whose successful songs include Dido's "Thank You", Corinne Bailey Rae's "I'd Like To" & "Till It Happens To You", & including "Maybe" from Emelie Sande's 'biggest selling debut album of 2012', "Our Version Of Events".

Paul's relationship with music began when he discovered his big brother's guitar in the attic aged 12.

He taught himself to play out of guitar songbooks from the likes of The Police, David Bowie & The his own words, "as a way to impress girls!"

Once he left school, Paul begun a BA course in sculpture, but was also moonlighting as a guitarist in bands with friends.

This period proved to be a very creative time, & Paul was now spreading his wings as a songwriter. 

He says - "I found songwriting to be a really important & honest form of expressing my feelings & views....& I still feel songwriting to be like that with the artists I work with today".

After graduating from art college, Paul toured the UK with bands, returning to London where a chance meeting with Rollo Armstrong opened a big door.

"Rollo phoned me up out of the blue one day, saying he'd heard a demo tape of mine through a mutual friend, liked it & really wanted to meet up".

Rollo introduced Paul to Sister Bliss, & together they released the single 'Badman' featuring Paul as lead vocalist.

Paul was now spending a lot of time at SwanYard Studios in Islington & it was here that Rollo asked Paul to play guitar in his new project "Faithless".

"It was an exciting time at SwanYard Studios then, & we were all sort of making it up as we went along."

In the Faithless line up, Paul was re-united with previous band members Aubrey Nunn (bass) & Jamie Catto (vocals) well as introduced to drummer/producer Matty Benbrook, with whom he would go onto form the band "Skinny"......& an unknown backing vocalist called Dido....

After touring with Faithless, Paul & Matty wrote & produced the first Skinny album 'The Weekend', from which came the critically acclaimed single 'Failure'.

Around this time Dido had also decided to write for her first album, & asked Paul if he wanted to write with her.

"I remember going round to Dido's basement flat in South West London & having fun playing around with 3 or 4 songs with her".

Those 4 songs made it onto Dido's debut album 'No Angel', & then Paul received a call from Dido in New York saying Eminem had sampled "Thank You" for a track called "Stan". (since making Rolling Stone magazine's list of 'Greatest Songs Of All Time')

Paul commented - "I couldn't quite believe what Dido was telling me, & stayed tight lipped about it until 'Stan' was released in December 2000". 

"Stan" went onto reach #1 in no less than 10 countries, followed with Dido's "Thank You" being a worldwide hit.

Paul became then instantly recognised as an award winning songwriter, going onto successful collaborations with Natasha Bedingfield on "I Bruise Easily", Jem on "Flying High" & UK dance band Mint Royale.

More recently, Paul has produced & co-written with Corinne Bailey Rae, Jessie J & Emeli Sande.

He continues to work out from his West London studio looking for & developing exciting new talent, including Columbia Records signings 'Raleigh Ritchie’ and ‘Purple Ferdinand’ and Epic records signing ‘Izzy Bizu’.

"I love great music so try to stay open to all genres & helps to keep me on my toes & hopefully all the projects we work on sounding fresh & exciting."